Sanitary cabins

The ISONELL Sanitary cabins are custom-made for each space and manufactured so thattheir installation and mounting can be as easy as possible. Regarding their manufacturing, thesecabins can be of two types:

  • 13 mm Standard TRESPA ATHON phenolic compact board cabins for toilet or shower, M-2reaction to fire, a choice of plain colors, front parts with 600mm door (or another one to bedefined), fastening of side panels and inside partitions with aluminum "U" profile, top fastening with stainless steel pipe AISI 316 plus stainless steel clips, 150mm adjustable stainless steelsupports, 3 stainless steel spring hinges per leaf,1 vacant/engaged indicator door lock, 1stainless steel door handle, etc. Panels height is 1860mm.
  • Honeycomb board cabins to be mounted on steel plate. These panels can be with lacqueredfinish (the color can be chosen). The fittings are very similar to those used in TRESPA typecabins.