The ISONELL strategy pursues a management directed towards the complete satisfaction of the clients for the services carried out, maximating the value of investment that they carry out in the naval outfitting projects which they contract.


Our commitment when dealing with the client, the fulfillment of work in the agreed delivery date or the quality is summarized in a continuous improvement activity, a daily effort to improve our skills which includes everyone who works in the company and which positions the client as a point of reference, without forgetting the respect to environment and labour health and safety.


The point of reference that motivates our work is made up by two main pillars which support our base of success:

  • The people. One of the main values of Isonell are the people that work daily with the only objective of offering the clients the services requested with the top quality which we are proposed to offer.
  • The clients. The centre of all the activities of Isonell, are our clients. Towards them we guide all our effort and dedication, with the only purpose of obtaining complete satisfaction of their expectancies regarding to our products.