Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The commitment established by ISONELL towards its groups of interest is part of its company strategy.

The management responsibility is the main commitment of ISONELL, the sustainability, the quality, the training, the action environment and the life of the employees and families are present daily when taking decisions of the board of directors.

Some data of interest:

  • ISONELL bets on the jobs posts with indefinite contracts. Less than 7 % of the staff is temporary.
  • ISONELL assumes equal treatment and opportunities between men and women as a strategic principle of its human resources policy. Trying to make easier family and company life.
  • It facilitates the generation shift, at this moment 2 shift contracts have been made, which allow maintenance of knowledge and the pulse of the new generations.
  • 100% of the staff has been trained in Labour Risk Prevention (60 hours).
  • ISONELL bets on a quality policy on all its processes for this reason it has all the quality certificates ISO 9000 since 1997,pioneer in this field in Spain.
  • Among our staff there is an engineer team directed towards the development I +D + I for new products, with an average of Approval and Agreement Certificate to IMO of al least 2 products per year, always directed towards the satisfaction of our clients' requirements. Aspects like acoustic reduction which allow a more comfortable life on board has been our objective during 2012.
  • All the employees of the company are involved in the fulfillment of the quality objectives, environment and labour risk prevention so as to guarantee a top class service to their clients and to the society in general.