Mineral Wool Ceilings (500, 300, C-25)

As far as ceilings, ISONELL has a 50 mm thick self-supporting ceiling with classification B-15 and a 25 mm ceiling of Class C (for reduced spaces or where the classification B-15 is not required).

The necessary profile for fitting this type of ceiling is a bounding angle bar fitted on the bulkheadand in the case that the floorboard is more than 2500 mm or it is required by the shape of thespace, T shaped girders would be used.

It is made up by a 0.6 mm thick stainless steel plate covered with a PVC decorative coat and witha galvanized steel plate with no finishing on the not exposed part.

For spaces where a soundreduction and a reverberation treatment are required, the ceilings would be made of 0.6 mm thickgalvanized steel perforated plate covered with a PVC decorative coating on the exposed side.